B.O. NDE: Scheduled Interventions


Communication about the capabilities of the Back-Office NDE.

In order to give information more and more popular, below is a list of the interventions planned for the next few weeks.

The SHOP section

Sales Training / Products / Services

  • Qualification course in Digital Selling price (Promo90): € 25,00
  • Course License for Private individuals: € 400,00
  • Course License M for Individuals: € 100,00

By 21 January 2022

Section: Network Sale

Relates to the departure of the new plan commission “100 DAYS”, which involves the following figures:


The new plan commission provides strong incentives and has already been officially announced by Emanuele Barons during a webinar reserved.

Le notizie verranno successivamente pubblicate nella sezione NEWS. Ricordiamo che il DIGITAL SELLER, rimane l’unica FIGURA PROFESSIONALE abilitata ad offrire l’ingresso alle AZIENDE nel REGISTRO IMPRESE.

I DIGITAL SELLERS saranno inoltre il punto di riferimento per i SEGNALATORI che, per effettuare la vendita di un CODICE del REGISTRO IMPRESE ad un’azienda, dovranno obbligatoriamente avvalersi del DIGITAL SELLER di riferimento.

By January 27, 2022

Section: Courses, Skill Test and Login.

Concerning some changes in the insertion of the TRAINING and SKILL TEST.

Will run updates to make more intuitive the mode of performance of TESTS for passing the exam.


Esistono ancora UTENTI che hanno acquistato LICENZE e CORSI e che ancora non vedono gli ORDINI nella propria AREA RISERVATA.

From 22 January 2022 will begin work on updating for the complete loading of the ORDERS. We expect to conclude it all, on February 4, 2022.

Consigliamo di ricontrollare la propria AREA RISERVATA solo dopo il February 4, 2022.

see the login procedure

By February 4, 2022

Section: The Smart Contract

The SMART CONTRACT is ready, and only lacks the dashboard in order to allow easy use by partner COMPANIES and PRIVATE persons in possession of the LICENSE and M.

To conclude a SMART CONTRACT serves as a DIGITAL MANAGER is enabled.

By 15 February 2022

Mission NDE

The mission of the NDE is strongly tied to give value to all of the project Cryptounit, of which the entire community of the NEEM will be able to benefit from the results.

We will do everything in our power to achieve objectives that can give you moments of serenity to those who had the determination to support us in our first year of intense work.


NDE Staff.